Production Lines:

We offer the possibility of executing various variants that are suitable for many industries, including granulation lines (e.g., for wood waste or straw), briquetting, shredding, or feed production lines.

We design, construct, and install fully automated, complete pellet production lines from wood waste, agricultural, and other sources. We have commissioned over 40 facilities in Poland and abroad, even in remote locations like Java Island or Reunion. We provide professional advice on selecting the technology based on the expected output and the type of raw material the client intends to process into pellets. In our lines, we exclusively use equipment from reputable European manufacturers, ensuring high quality.

We specialize in designing and building lines for the production of animal feed pellets for chickens, cows, and other animals. We equip both small and large production facilities geared towards industrial production. The technology is tailored to the expected output, types of raw materials, and components. Our technological solutions ensure precise grinding, dosing through transport systems onto electronic scales for individual ingredients, and thorough mixing. We collaborate with well-known equipment manufacturers for our production lines.

We offer rotary and belt dryers to our clients, customizing the drying technology according to the type of material, heat source, and expected output. Our dryers handle materials such as sawdust, wood chips, fruit pomace, RDF, manure, biogas post-fermentation, and other waste. Our dryers have been operating for over 20 years on multiple continents, from Asia and South America to Africa, drying various materials.

We offer lines for shredding various waste materials used for pellet, granule, or briquette production. Our range includes chippers, single-shaft and double-shaft mills, hammer mills, and shredders. We also design complete shredding lines tailored to the customer’s desired fraction of waste.

Our first briquette production line was launched in 2004. Since then, we have initiated dozens of turnkey production lines. We offer briquette production lines in cylindrical, cuboid, or octagonal shapes. Our offerings include hydraulic, mechanical, and screw briquetting machines. We select the technology based on the type of processed raw material and the desired form of the produced briquette.

In the technological lines implemented by our company, we offer spark detection and extinguishing systems that effectively protect production processes from fires and dust explosions. These systems enhance safety by automatically detecting hazardous particles in the transported material and activating water-mist sprays to extinguish them. This technology eliminates the risk of fire or dust explosion. We install these systems in mechanical and pneumatic transport systems, as well as shredding equipment. This technology is characterized by high effectiveness, with system management handled through a central control panel with a touchscreen interface.

We specialize in designing and building advanced control systems for technological processes and constructing control cabinets. Our control systems are based on PLC controllers and components from renowned brands such as Schneider, Siemens, and Eaton. Our technologists adapt perfectly to individual needs and expectations, providing comprehensive service from project design, construction, and operator training. After project commissioning, we offer service support.

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